CFTRE is a registered Canadian charity created to further the understanding of the fields of neurobiology and psychophysiology, through education and research, as they pertain to the treatment of traumatic conditions. To this end, we are committed to conduct research and to train professionals in effectively treating people who suffer from symptoms of trauma and other forms of dysregulation in the autonomic nervous system.

ConneXion Consulting


At ConneXion Consulting in Vermilion, AB, your mental and physical well-being is our priority. To help you manage stress and anxiety, I have listed apps that are created with your wellness in mind.


Calm offers guided meditations to help you prevail over anxiety, stress, and other distractions. The app is ideal for both beginners and experts.

Happify uses evidence-based solutions to help you address negative thoughts and stress. The program also helps you build resilience against anxiety.

Anxiety Reliever is a simple app that helps you overcome anxiety. The app features a tracker that can help you evaluate your thinking patterns and identify anxiety triggers.

The Headspace app helps you learn to meditate in just 10 minutes per day. Daily meditation can help you sleep well and experience less stress.

Breathe2Relax, a portable stress management tool, provides you with hands-on diaphragmatic breathing exercises. Proper breathing can help you with mood stabilization, anxiety management, and anger control.

Sanvello, based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and meditation, provides daily tools to help you manage stress and anxiety. The app also features a supportive community.

Worry Watch is an anxiety journal that helps you log, track, and analyze your thought patterns. Journaling may help you deal with worries, and release your emotions in a safe and productive manner.

Rain Rain features 25 free, high-quality, endless sounds to lull you to sleep. Download the app today, and start sleeping better at night.

The Panic Relief app helps you overcome your fears, and guides you through panic attacks. Professionals can also use this program to supplement medical treatments.

SAM helps you manage and understand cognitive anxiety. The app has a “social cloud” feature, which enables you to share your experiences with the SAM community while keeping your identity protected.